POLFILM is the first and largest leading manufacturer of BOPP films in Iran. While maintaining the best "product quality" for its customers has always been the TOP priority in its strategies, Polfilm has also kept a sustainable growth in its production capacity since the beginning[...] MORE

RosUpack 2024
RosUpack 2024
RosUpack is the only and largest exhibition in Russia and the CIS, which comprehensively presents the packaging production process for various industries: food, processing, chemical industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals, as well as catering, wholesale and retail trade, warehousing, logistics and etc. [ ... ] MORE
Uzbekistan food and packaging exhibition 2024
Uzbekistan food and packaging exhibition 2024
Today, in the market of a country with a population of over 34 million and a rapidly developing economy, technological equipment is in high demand. [ ... ] MORE
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