HR Approach and Strategy

As an essential pillar of development, employees play important roles in group activities and organizational tasks.

We believe that empowerment of human resources is a very efficient tool in the line with organizational reform and taking decisive steps towards development and growth.

We believe that human is the center of organizational reforms, so that achieving an acceptable level of organizational growth requires the promotion of human resources to an acceptable level.
To this end, we have chosen two solutions:

1-Promotion of a system of meritocracy, career development, job enrichment, participation, human resources empowerment, and rationality of conduct for employees working in the organization.
2-Recruitment of empowered employees who can help us in the realization of our plans and goals with their self-confidence, initiative, creativity, and expertise.

Our belief is that each employee has their own unique characteristics and talents. In Polfilm, we recognize these distinctions in order to develop powerful and influential teams.

Human Resources Strategy:

  • Balanced growth of human resources

  • Development and education of human resources

  • Establishment of learning environments in order to achieve organizational goals

  • Development of strategic competencies of employees

  • Promotion of organizational partnership culture

  • Improvement of motivational mechanisms for employees

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