Polfim, as the first manufacturer of BOPP films in Iran, with high qualitative and technical knowledge and experience in the field of film manufacturing, is ready to meet the increasing demands of domestic and foreign clients.

Taking advantage of experienced and trained specialists, advanced techniques, and state-of-the-art laboratory devices, Technical Unit of Polfim is active in the following three aspects:

1- Quality control: This includes the practice of standards required by clients in controlling parameters related to raw materials, process, product, and finally shipping the product to the client. In this regard, in addition to designing quality control systems, all quality parameters of raw materials are carefully evaluated in a well-equipped laboratory during the production process and in the final product.

2- Process development and improvement: Using the technical knowledge in the organization and in close cooperation with the world’s most prestigious scientific and technical centers in the field of progress and achievable improvements in the production process, some improvement projects are designed and implemented considering the feedback of clients and their new needs. In this section, operations are done based on teamwork in a dynamic and up-to-date environment. 

3- Design of new products: As the executive arm of Research & Development Unit and in order to meet the needs of clients, Technical Unit implements the process of design and development of new products.

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